Petition opposes fish catch restriction

Anglers could be barred from keeping Northwest BC trout or char

Dear Sir:

The provincial fish and wildlife branch is proposing a change to the fresh water fishing regulations for 2013-2014 to stop the retention of any trout or char in all the rivers and streams of Region 6 (Skeena), “Proposal 808”.

This includes the Skeena, Kitimat, Nass, Stikine and Dease River drainages and all tributaries.

What this means is it will be illegal to take your child or grand child to any stream in Region 6 and teach them how to catch a trout responsibly, dress it, cook it and eat it, the way that most of us who were raised in this area have done for years and years.

A select few, including fishing guides in the area, have already made it illegal to retain steelhead, but you must buy a steelhead licence to fish at all in their sacred streams.

They would prefer that no one but them were allowed access to all waters so they can catch and release unharmed” any fish they please without someone who is trying to catch supper getting in their way.

The everyday person and their families are now expected to go and camp at a lake in the summertime and eat fish that are silty tasting or even possibly wormy due to the warmer water temperatures.

Let the kids sit in front of the computer or iPad all day. They don’t need to learn about the outdoors until they’re old enough to handle a fly rod and play harass and release, “unharmed” of course.

I myself was born in Terrace and have been fishing and eating fresh caught fish of every species available for about 54 years. My children and grandchildren also enjoy a fresh feed when the opportunity presents itself.

If you are opposed to this change in the fresh water fishing regulations, I urge every one to sign the petition papers that I personally distributed to a number of local locations.

Internet access to read the proposed change is, : char-catch-and-release.

Mike Scott,

Terrace, BC