Old littering habits return

Spending tax dollars to pick up litter is exasperating

Dear Sir:

While folks are complaining about doggie doo-doo and litter, old habits are blossoming near the rifle range where the regional district tidied up a year or two ago before the cross-country  ski trail was cleared and marked with surveyors’ ribbons.

Someone has dumped a truckload of tires at the bottom of a hill. This week a single tire was added nearer Celgar Road . And between the Rifle Range and J.L.’s Excavating’s gravel pit another litterbug has scattered several white  plastic bags of waste including a yellow plastic ice cream pail.

Other dog owners  and I walk our dogs through those trees daily.  We note the new garbage. Besides the unsightliness, I worry about broken glass and other stuff dangerous to any animal, tame or wild.

For the regional district to have spent tax dollars tidying the area only to have lazy litterers mess it up again is exasperating.

Claudette Sandecki,

Terrace, BC