Oil-based investment would help

I can not support the current Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal...

Dear Sir:

As a small business owner in Prince George, there would be an immediate short term benefit to my small business and to my parents’ local company, if Enbridge’s pipeline proposal is approved. However; I can not support the current Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal.

The Alberta oil companies are losing over two billion dollars in lost revenue a month and Alberta and federal governments are also losing tens of millions dollars because oil companies cannot get full price for their product.

Right now, Canadian tar sand oil is selling less than $50 a barrel, simply because of the shortage of pipelines coming out Alberta.

For the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal to be greeted with overwhelming support and excitement from British Columbians, the oil companies and federal and Alberta governments should immediately create a six to ten billion dollar environmental and investment incentive fund to support Northern British Columbia.

In other words, create a large northern investment fund to equal about four to six months of lost revenue from the tar sands.

New environmental safeguards with independent northern citizen involvement are also needed to ensure the pipeline is being built to the highest standards and the maintenance is kept up.

The pipeline should be dramatically reduced to one pipeline instead of the two that Enbridge is proposing. Enbridge should earn community trust before expanding.

Alberta’s tar sands are truly the investment hub of Canada and I believe northern townships and First Nations communities welcome the opportunity to work  with the oil companies to help them sell their product to the highest bidder in the world.

Mark Clements, Vancouver, BC