Natural gas extraction harms the environment

The industry is devoted to profit and nothing else

Dear Sir:

I could not refuse to write a comment on your article in the July 10, 2013 issue of the Terrace Standard, “Open houses critical to success” regarding a public presentation by Shell concerning its planned Canada LNG plant at Kitimat.

I’m since March 2012 with a group of concerned Yukoners about oil and gas exploration and a promoter and installer of all kinds of alternative energy sources here in Yukon.

We have several engineers and economist in our ranks and I’m personally do a lot of research on this issue basically all my life and I’m now 69.

Please inform yourself here are some readily available clips from public meetings organized by concerned people who think about the future of our planet the only one we have to live right now.

Green washes and lies. LNG is the worst of all fossil fuels because of the uncontrollable escape of methane into the atmosphere from leaking well casings and the opening up from the shale formation to naturally occurring fissures and fault lines, by the brute force of hydraulic fracturing, in the underground geology to the surface.

Methane is in a 20-year period 105 times more potent as a green house gas than CO₂ and in a 100-year time frame still more then 20 times.

How many more severe weather disasters does it take for this people to wake up and stop this insanity? Do they have no heart, no conscious mind about the future of there children or the future of this planet? Do they really only dollar signs in front of their eyes?

People stand up. These are crimes against humanity, these so-called business leaders should be in jail for the devastation they inflict on our environment.

We as taxpayers pay the bill at the end for the clean-ups and the rebuilding and eventually with our life’s and the life’s of future generations.

Start putting solar panels on your roofs, wind turbines on your mountain tops, earth loops in the ground connected to heat pumps to keep your homes comfortable.

If you can’t afford it create co-operatives to build larger projects. The technology is proven and readily available and the cost is coming down rapidly because it gets more and more mass produced.

Werner Rhein, Whitehorse, Yukon