My truck is green

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

This is a response to Rob Brown’s column “No picnic for bears” he wrote in January.

My name is Kyle Alton and I am the man Rob is talking about in the article.

I did indeed have a limited entry tag to hunt for grizzly down the Lakelse and nothing I did was illegal in any way, shape or form to get that clear.

To state that I compromised the safety of my vehicle with big tires and a lift and was tearing up the land while hunting grizzly really bothers me.

The mullet and beer cap comment was not necessary.

I have a lot of respect for what I do in the outdoors. I’m a fisherman and a hunter all year around and take offence to when someone questions my ethics.

I saw six grizzly bears on the Lakelse River this fall and did not tag any of them for the record.

But I sat back and watched them and took pictures.

I would like to thank Mike Bartlett for the letter to the editor he wrote in The Terrace Standard on Feb. 2, 2011. What Mike stated couldn’t be said in any better way.

It’s time for Rob to stay home and play guitar and keep to himself and not make assumptions about people he has no idea about.

And my truck is green not grey, Mr. Brown.

Kyle Alton, Terrace, B.C.