More angels

Readers weigh in on the people who helped them during the big snowstorm

Dear Sir:

After reading all the letters from Feb. 18, 2015 of the Snow Angels, I said, “Hey, I had two angels come to check on me.” After the lights went out in the building I’m living at, it was so dark here, I was getting confused.

One of the health care workers walked around checking on all of the tenants, some were sitting in a circle visiting (the only things missing were hot dogs and marshmallows). It felt like camping when we were in the circle.

I was getting confused here with no lights. Then someone came right in to check on me. My grandchildren Hannah and Justin. Justin gave me a flashlight to wear on my head. Oh boy, what a lifesaver.

Big thank you Justin and Hannah. Although I wasn’t outside, Hannah and Justin were my snow angels.

Lydia Angus,

Terrace, B.C.

Dear Sir:

And here are two other “snow angels” deserving of a mention for their help because of the big snowfall.

I was stuck near the entrance behind the Real Canadian Wholesale Club store just after the big snowfall.

A young couple walking by tried to help me, but no luck. They would not leave me. A young lady came along, put her purse down in the snow and with the help of the three of them, I was free to go.

I want to thank them so very much for their help. I am sorry I do not know their names. Many others drove on by.

Gail Gyger,

Terrace, B.C.