Man says thank you to those who helped in his time of need

May the Peace of this time of year remain with you every day of your lives

Dear Sir:

There are those times in a person’s life when there truly are no words to convey appreciation.

This is one of those times for me and a simple thank you does not seem appropriate, however that is all I have to extend.

I was in a place of need, and each and everyone of you (you do know who you are) that came forward and helped me – strangers, friends, family – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Without all the help I received I am not sure what would have become of the roof over my head this winter. Again, with thanks to everyone, it is as safe as can be. I no longer have to worry about this.

Two wonderful friends, Doug McPhadyen and Ron Nuis, took the project into their hands from lining up the roofing team ‘All Points North’ (Clint and his amazing crew) and all exceptional roofers and at my home to get the job done within two days. Imagine that!

My friends Doug and Ron also covered the cost of the materials needed to do the roof, until I was in a position to use the donations from friends and strangers, from near and far, I received to pay them back.

Rona Builders donated the plywood that needed to be replaced on my roof and there were the kind people that stopped by with food and refreshments for the crew.

Overwhelming is surely an understatement. I was a week from leaving Alberta, heading home to B.C. I had a job lined up and to see someone special in my life.

And then this, this damn cancer. From not feeling the greatest for awhile, to an emergency trip on the advice of a co-worker as I was ready to drive out of the yard for my day of work, to being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer all within a matter of hours.

I am fighting this disease with all that I have. Some days it sucks the life right out of me, for a few days, always after a chemo treatment.

I want to win. I will win. I am going to beat this crap and live the life I have dreamed of living.

For those of you that are not aware, I have accepted Jesus into my life. Some may have opinions about this, and that is alright.

For me, it is what I wanted to do. I feel good about this. My family, friends and really, those who are not strangers, but rather people that care.

I thank you all so very much for everything. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and yours. May the Peace of this time of year remain with you every day of your lives.

Brad Mazurak, Terrace, BC