Looking for Gail and Scott from Nevada

They were believed to be headed for Terrace, B.C. end of April

Dear Sir:

On April 30, 2016 I met a nice couple in Prince Rupert at the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

We ran into each other a couple of more times that day and I was sad to learn they had misplaced their Ipad.

They were on their way to Terrace by rail the next day. I continue to wonder if they ever found it and, if not, if I could send them some pictures I took of the area.

Their names were Gail and Scott, I believe. Gail said they were from the high desert area of Nevada and I wonder if they were coming to Terrace to visit friends or family.

If someone in the Terrace community knows them please send their email address to The Terrace Standard at newsroom@terracestandard.com.

It will then be forrwarded to myself so we can get in touch with each other.

Susan Barry.

Canmore, Alberta