LNG job fiction

Letter writer not in favour of turning natural gas into liquid

Dear Sir:

The LNG projects are not going ahead, for all the reasons that were obvious to anyone with access to a computer several years ago.

Ironically I just recently received the latest LNG community news letter which “looks forward to maintain momentum through 2016”.

I guess the INFOCUS people did not get the memo about shelving the LNG projects.

I for one am not disappointed that these plants are not going ahead. I am cognizant that this is not a popular position, most residents and politicians of all stripes favour LNG. In fact the premier got elected because of this fantasy.

For those who believe that natural gas is the least damaging to the environment of all fuels, this was probably true once.

However, today all natural gas is produced by fracking.

Fracking, you know, the process that produces earthquakes and flammable tap water.

The fact that one third of the gas is burned in fracking and liquefying puts into question the environmental impact.

Some scientists suggest that the fracking may put the safety of the planet at risk. Some states in the USA and Australia now make fracking illegal.

LNG television ads are still taking about “ten of thousands of jobs”.

Realistically, how many residents of the northwest have skills necessary to build pipelines, compared to the thousands of skilled Albertans? At least Enbridge was honest when they told us that only timekeepers and general labourers would be hired locally.

How about the plants themselves? At least 90 per cent will be built overseas, which only leaves the connection to the lines, plus some electrical work.

I am also not in favour of not collecting duties on the floating plants when you consider that hundreds of taxpaying Canadians could build these plants. A $100 million fine/tax is not unreasonable.

Before you assume that I am a tree hugging fanatic that is against all development, let me point out that I was a construction worker and am now retired.

I am very much in favour of development projects that make sense economically and environmentally and which create local jobs for my sisters and brothers.

But I am not in favour of liquidating natural gas.

John Jensen,

Terrace. B.C.