Let my kids eat fish

I am against the blanket closure of trout/char in Skeena Area streams...

Dear Sir:

I am against the blanket closure of trout/char in Skeena Area streams.

Before such a sweeping closure is implemented there needs to be demonstrated scientific data behind such a move.

Failure to provide such data, prior to this potential retention closure, reveals that the regulatory system is subject to undue pressure from what amounts to well organized lobby groups within the population of fishers.

I grew up in Terrace and as a child I and my pals spent all our summers on the banks of the Skeena fishing for trout and Jack Spring etc.

As young boys we stayed out of trouble and these fishing experiences were the memories of a lifetime.

To restrict possession to young children like this seems incongruent with the B.C. wide initiatives to encourage young boys and girls to be more active and take up fishing.

At this point in my life I am a grandparent to seven young children who would love to go fishing with grandpa.

To have these young children be denied the opportunity to take home their river caught ‘12 inch Cutthroat Trout’ because certain sectors of the fishing community are motivated to outlaw retention of fish seems over the top.

I also find it quite disturbing that the formal time window to give feedback to such a potentially significant change was largely over the Christmas Holiday Season.

Significant potential changes within a healthy democracy demands that those affected by the potential changes be given ample time to hear and respond.

Most of the people I know who are quite concerned about this potential change did not hear about it until after the formal time for comment was already exhausted.

Please do not adopt this proposed change.

Put the money and science into a thorough evaluation first, and even then use a graduated retention system only if it is actually demonstrated to be absolutely necessary.

Charles Claus,

Terrace, BC