It’s an oilman’s shell game

Oilman Gwyn Morgan’s three arguments for “post-truth” oil consumption themselves exemplify the problem, says letter writer.

Dear Sir:

Oilman Gwyn Morgan’s three arguments for “post-truth” oil consumption, letter to the editor, The Terrace Standard, Jan. 11, 2017, themselves exemplify the problem.

First, his claim that wind and solar will replace fossil fuel is not argued seriously as such; rather, wind and solar are to complement other forms to reduce fossil.

Second, his claim that tar sands emission is minuscule actually refers to production, not consumption. To consume the tars sands is the killer.

Third, his claim on the Marrakech climate agreement and carbon tax, dodges into a red herring on subsidies, which no producing state is without in some form.

The post-truth of Mr. Morgan’s position is that fossil fuel proponents, no longer able to deny global warming, divert attention spuriously.

Dr. David Heinimann,

Terrace, B.C.