Affordable housing proposal would be largest project in more than two decades in Terrace B.C.

AT an estimated cost (so far) of $13.5 million, the recent proposal to build a three-storey structure containing 39 units of affordable housing on Haugland Ave. on the southside is an ambitious project.

This would be the largest project of its kind here in more than 20 years, aside from the five new units at the Tuck Ave. seniors residences location, and the 24 units at Market Estates on Davis Ave. across from George Little Park for seniors and people with disabilities.

Credit goes to the province-wide M’akola Group for the project concept on behalf of the Ksan House Society which would be the landlord.

Credit also goes to the City of Terrace, specifically its planners, which would provide the land via a nominal lease.

Even though housing is not a city responsibility, its leasing of the Haugland Ave. land, its assistance with permitting and the like for the Tuck Ave. expansion, and its providing a parcel of land so they could build more units at Market Estates than first conceived, demonstrates that a small municipality can have an impact.

Of course the Haugland project is not a slam dunk. It can only be built should Ksan be successful in securing construction monies. But with the province now promising $355 million over the next five years for affordable housing, the Haugland project deserves full consideration and acceptance. It’s hammer time.