Highways are in dreadful shape

Should an ambulance be transporting a patient, the journey must have been hell.

Dear Sir:

Whilst I realize that this has been a terrible winter, it is something we in the north accept and put up with, however the conditions of the highways within our area is a problem that has to be addressed.

Due to my work, I travel highways at all hours, recently I had to make a few journeys heading east, the condition of the roads were deplorable, and disgusting, the washboard effect was so bad, speeds were reduced to 25km per hour, even the hardy truckers found it deplorable, as they were slowed down, and in one instance I am aware of, were driving on the opposite side of the road.

On Wednesday Jan. 21, I was driving from my home in Copperside Estates towards Terrace, the roads were so pitiful, the washboard effect on my vehicle caused a tie rod end to break loose, causing me to swerve on the road, and I was not travelling fast.

The reason for this letter is to complain to the contractors who are designated to look after our roads, I must say thy are doing a pitiful job, on numerous occasions in my travels during rough weather, in our area no snow clearing machinery was to be seen, whilst in other areas the roads were in a drivable condition.

It did go through my mind, should an ambulance be transporting a patient, the journey must have been hell.

I personally am not satisfied that a good job is being done, I know I am not the only person who has this concern, therefore I have no option but to send a copy of this letter to the Dept of Highways in Victoria.

I have reason to believe that the contractors have received numerous calls and complaints, sadly I fear they have fallen on deaf ears.

It is essential in bad weather that our roads must be maintained to a standard of safety of all travellers, this is not the case.

I hope that the department of highways in Victoria address my complaint.

Charles F Meek, Terrace, B.C.