Helmut is on the money when it comes to parking

Terrace, BC is hotspot on the issue of handicapped parking spots

Dear Sir:

May I reinforce Helmut Giesbrecht’s remarks on disabled parking spaces (The Terrace Standard, February 26, 2014) I do not hope to match his eloquence but I can assure you that he does not overstate the problems.

I have tried politely to point out to people in handicapped spaces, without permits, and without visible mobility problems, that they are taking spaces away from those that need them. I have been advised variously that they will park wherever they want, that I should mind my own business, and have been treated to a few words that are better left unstated.

So as far as bringing these violations to the attention of the property owner, the usual reaction is a shrug and, “What can we do?’’

Why would anyone bother, indeed?

Don Varner, Terrace, B.C.