Guides dismayed over pipeline position

Guiding association won't renew chamber of commerce membership

Dear Sir:

The Skeena Angling Guides Association (SAGA) wish to convey its dismay at the stance the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce has taken over the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

The chamber claims to be “the voice of business”, however the content of your letter and press release concerning the issue is wholly incompatible with our organization and the tourism businesses our members survive upon.

Referring to BC Stats’ British Columbia’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector, 2007 edition:

* Revenues reported from angling in BC in 2005 were estimated at $867 million

* Saltwater angling generated $467 million

* Freshwater angling generated $398 million

* Sport fishing related activities provided employment for 7700 British Columbians

The sports fishing industry is key to the future success of the northern region.  The proposed pipeline project would require around 225 super oil tankers per year travelling thorough incredibly treacherous waters off our pristine northwest coast.

This represents a “titanic” risk to the region’s environment.  A large marine oil spill on our coast would devastate a marine ecosystem that supports not only thousands of humans but more importantly one of the world’s most sensitive and endangered wildlife habitats.

An Environment Canada report in 1990 analyzed the likelihood of tanker accidents occurring in Canadian waters.

The report states that “based on current [1990] levels of tanker traffic, Canada can expect over 100 small oil spills, about 10 moderate spills and at least one major spill offshore each year.  A catastrophic spill (over 10,000 tonnes) may occur once every 15 years.”

We do not believe it takes an environmental review to understand the huge risks Alberta-based Enbridge will take to transport its dirty crude oil from “Beautiful BC” to Asia.

The Northern Gateway Project involves huge environmental risks with minimal economic benefit.

As a result of your stance, our members voted unanimously at the latest Skeena Angling Guides Association (SAGA) meeting not to renew our membership to the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce.

Pioneer Fishing Lodge will also not be renewing its membership.

Jeremy Crosby,

Chairman SAGA and Owner of Pioneer Fishing Lodge,


Terrace, BC