Friendship between dog and human to continue

The incredible bonds mean reciprocal acts of kindness between species

Dear Sir:

Our dog suddenly went blind in just one day recently.

This is our story.

Dora-Dog has been our best buddy for nearly 12 years.

She has always been with us when we were sick or injured. She somehow can sense when something is wrong and would never leave your side until you got better.

I broke my ankle at work a few years ago.

After the surgery I was bed ridden for nearly two months and Dora-Dog spent all day sitting between my legs with her head resting on my cast.

Sometimes she would cry and give me that sad look. This is a dog that really cares about people.

Well now its payback time because now Dora-Dog is sick.

Everyone told us that Dora-Dog is old and to just put her to sleep. I would not accept that.

I thought that she was showing the symptoms of diabetes.

It turned out that I was absolutely correct.

We took her to the vet and the blood test proved my suspicions.

The normal blood sugar level in a dog is 7 – Dora-Dog’s blood sugar level is 27.

This is extremely advanced diabetes – no wonder she was passing out and went blind so suddenly.

Well this is a curable condition and we now have to give Dora-Dog a shot of insulin every day for the rest of her life.

The cost of this treatment is a whopping $60 per month. We spend more than that on Dog food so this is trivial.

When everyone else had given up on Dora-Dog I refused to listen.

By doing so I saved my dog’s life.

Also by doing this I have given everyone I know the joy of her compassion and her friendship for a few more years.

Glenn Martin,

Terrace, BC