Fireworks are stressful for pets

To have fireworks go off for days is cruel and unnecessary

Dear Sir:

Who are the people that make the decision to allow fireworks to be sold and used with little or no control for days and days during the week of Hallowe’en with no regard for the rest of us or our pets? Do these people realize or care about the stress this causes our animals?

I have worked for a vet in this city and I have also worked for the Thornhill and Terrace animal shelters and I can tell you firsthand how harmful and stressful this is to our pets and pet owners.

I can tell you of cases of dogs jumping through plate glass windows and being injured badly and of dogs running off, never to be seen again because of days and days of endless fireworks going off.

To my knowledge I have never heard of this practice anywhere else, but I am sure it will be corrected. I have no problem with fireworks being used once or twice a year for an hour to so. I enjoy watching them. But to have them go off for days is cruel and unnecessary.

So please reconsider next year to allow fireworks to be sold for the week of Hallowe’en.

Say ‘no’ for the animals we love and who cannot speak for themselves.

Tony Bryan,

Terrace, B.C.