Electrify everything!

Electrify everything!

Dear Editor,

Can we electrify everything? Absolutely yes!

The green energy movement consist of:

1) Electricity as the quickest way and most realistic from of clean energy.

2) Switching household appliances and transportation to the most energy efficient electric form.

3) Provide that energy through as local as possible renewable energy. Heat pumps for heat and cooling, are about for times more efficient than electric resistance heating. Heat pump hot water heaters are currently the most efficient ones. Induction cook stoves are efficient and useful for kids and everybody else. As for transportation, BC Hydro has stated that driving electric is equal to about $0.25 cents a litre and to boot a lot less maintenance cost. As well your transportation cost will be a lot more stable than gas/diesel prices. On top of that you can even produce electricity yourself from a rooftop solar system and become even more energy independent. Also your cost savings, as in extra money in your pocket, could be up to hundreds to thousands of dollar per year. And in the end you will not have to pay any carbon taxes at all, because you will be living carbon neutral and your children and grand children will love you for your effort.

Martin Holzbauer

Thornhill B.C.