Editorial: Cycling

There’s plenty of options to enjoy life on two wheels in Terrace, B.C.

With spring slowly asserting itself, the hardy core of winter cyclists is now being joined by those who have taken their bikes out of garages and storage sheds in anticipation of fresh air and rejuvenated lungs.

Whether it’s a way to combat the ever-increasing price of fuel, to lose a few pounds, or just for the experience of seeing what’s going on in the area at a more leisurely pace than by  sitting in a vehicle, the number of people commuting to work by bicycle and using two wheels for recreation is growing.

Save for the hills leading to the bench or the hill leading to upper Thornhill, the area is relatively flat, lending itself to cycling.

Credit goes to the City of Terrace for doing its best to encourage cycling thanks to marking out bicycle lanes when roads are rebuilt or widened and by painting a bicycle symbol on those lanes.

City and Nechako Northcoast  sweepers have been out cleaning cycling lanes. With fresh paint to highlight lines and symbols, more cycling will be encouraged.

In Thornhill, a Kitimat-Stikine regional district project is underway to  encourage cycling as well as other forms of outdoor recreation.

For those more adventurous, the Terrace Off Road Cycling Association together with like-minded citizens has been building and connecting a cycling trail network.

There’s plenty of options to enjoy life on two wheels.


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