Don’t spend tax money on MP promotions

Dear Sir:

Like most of your readers, I recently received another taxpayer-funded mailout from our local MP, Nathan Cullen.

As always, the NDP logo is emblazoned on the front page and again on the inside. I don’t mind receiving party literature from candidates and parties but as a taxpayer I should not have to pay for it. (The fact that taxpayers foot the bill for NDP campaign expenses through campaign reimbursements and the per-vote subsidy is a separate issue.) It troubles me that an elected MP who is paid to represent all constituents should use the privileges of office (printing and mailing) to promote his party under the guise of providing information.

The Opposition parties, including Mr. Cullen’s leader, Jack Layton, have tried to make hay over MP Jason Kenney’s use of official letterhead for a partisan fundraising effort. I agree with them but the misuse of mailouts to constituents is even worse. Taxpayer-funded mailouts should not be used as party propaganda.

Inside the flyer is a list of “How Nathan Voted”. Nathan’s votes on two important bills were NOT included in this list. They should have been.

Nathan voted against C-510, (Roxanne’s Law) which would have protected pregnant women from harrassment, intimidation and coercion to abort against their will. So much for choice.

Nathan voted for C-389, the transgendered and transsexual bill which would give sexually confused men special rights and access to washrooms and change rooms for women and girls.

Citizens deserve the whole truth, not party propaganda..


Rod Taylor,

Deputy Leader CHP Canada,

Telkwa, BC