Conspiracy theorists looking under wrong rock

Conspiracy theorists looking under wrong rock

Dear Editor,

Conspiracy theory intrigues MLA Ellis Ross (paid ad, Dec. 13 edition). He believes Canadian environmentalists lint the pockets of US funders to advantage American oil exploitation over Canadian.

He notes in particular the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, implying it and others do not battle US climate criminals; however, RBF divested its charity of fossil fuels in 2015. Another target is Tides Foundation, which Mr. Ross for his conspiracy theory could have tied to George Soros but is otherwise a common example of an international NGO funder found in all sectors.

Real conspiracy exists among those who deny the climate crisis on behalf of other masters. As Mr. Ross wishes to argue the analogy of Russian election interference, we might consider Terrace Industrial Lands developer in perpetual delay (2014’s alfalfa factory still just weeds), Taisheng International.

Taisheng peeks from the state-owned-enterprise pocket of the Communist Party of China, which has most recently mocked the rule of law by arresting two Canadians in retaliation for Canada detaining at US request for extradition the Huawei executive suspected of fraud.

Commenting, The Globe and Mail (editorial, Dec. 15 edition) warned of “police state” China’s “industrial espionage and hacking”. Now, Taisheng, whose “website” still googles-up as a 404 page (“Sorry! Page Not Found”), is looking to install what for who knows whom?

Geopolitics makes for intriguing business. Business plans and the rule of law have never had so much in common nor so threatened each other.

David Heinimann

Terrace, BC