Closure of aquafit classes unfair and fishy

Closure of aquafit classes unfair and fishy

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Brittany [Gervais] for your story in this week’s newspaper about our missing Aquafit classes (Senior upset over lack of aquafit classes, March 14).

I am very upset about this. I have been going to aquafit for 25 years and we never had any problems with instructors.

I am most upset about the current swim schedule. Some of us have been going long enough we could temporarily have a class without an instructor. However, during our time slot from 9:30 a.m. to 10.30 am — the pool is CLOSED for two and a half hours of maintenance — five days a week. A total of 10 hours during our time slot but we only need three hours, three days a week.

That much maintenance time for a newly renovated pool? This is very fishy and so unfair.

Not all of us can or want to swim lengths. Aquafit is a more beneficial workout for our physical and mental health.

Vi Timmerman

Terrace, B.C.