Charter guarantees right to peaceful assembly

"Enbridge may have money, but we have numbers of people," says letter writer.

Dear Sir:

I wish to respond to your editorial of July 4th, entitled “Lunch Time”.  You refer to the opposition to the proposed Enbridge project as being “extraordinarily well-organized” and as “breaching principles held dearly in Canada”.

Enbridge has a hundred million dollars and high-ranking political contacts. Nobody could accuse them of being poorly organized or underfunded. Enbridge may have money, but we, the opposition, have numbers.

My mind is reeling as I try to imagine, as you suggested, “the situation being reversed”. Enbridge employees joining hands and singing songs in opposition to people trying to protect their homes and their children’s futures? Really?

As far as breaching Canadian principles is concerned, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom to express one’s opinions.

And although the protestors did NOT block the doorway, I’m reminded of a song from the civil rights movement:

It isn’t nice to block the doorway,

It isn’t nice to go to jail.

There are nicer ways to do it,

But the nice ways always fail.

Anne Hill,

Terrace, BC