WHAT DOES Mayor Dave Pernarowski’s comfortable re-election mean?

WHAT DOES Mayor Dave Pernarowski’s comfortable re-election mean?

Perhaps the answer is found in his position on providing public monies for My Mountain Co-op’s buy of Shames Mountain – supported the purchase idea personally, opposed as mayor to providing money for the deal but then agreeing as mayor to a relatively small annual operating subsidy. Or his Enbridge position – personally opposed but neutral, for the time being, as mayor.

The average cautious Terrace voter could either be in favour of Enbridge or not and be in favour of public monies for Shames or not and there was sufficient wiggle room in Mayor Dave Pernarowski’s campaign platform to feel just fine.

It  brought back memories of an equally cautious mayor – Jack Talstra – who was always careful to build up a consensus before charging forth. Certainly Mr. Pernarowski’s platform was very different from that of his chief challenger, outgoing city councillor Bruce Martindale. Enbridge? Not a chance. Money for Shames? Absolutely.

Mr. Pernarowski defeated Mr. Talstra in 2008 by benefitting from a “time for a change” theme. This time voters, having embraced change in 2008, obviously decided there was little need to make another one so soon. It might be different in three years depending upon the benefits that will flow to the city from an improved economy.