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Cats: A refuge from the misery of life

Brenda reflects on the joy her rescues have brought her over the years


You either love them or hate them. Either way I would be pleased if you did not drop your cat off here. I could be wrong that the cat wandering along my trails looking for a bird snack could be lost.

In all my years having cats rescued they all have been great companions. All have fit into our critter family and most have lived a long time. Charles Dickens said it well.”What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

I think about that every night when I get into my cat hair covered bed how much I enjoy talking to old Scruffy who came here many years ago. He was a newborn thrown out with the garbage at the dump. Scruffy is seldom seen by people but he does like to go for good walks with the dog.

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Mark Twain said: “If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man but deteriorate the cat.”

I most often tell you about my dogs and how much I enjoy them. Just this very day I looked at the cats and kittens looking for a forever home through the Northwest Animal Shelter. So many beauties that have been rescued from some situation. They have names like Oliver, Ma, Fiona, Spitfire, Chicky and the one I was fascinated about was 17-year-old Boots, who is facing major health problems and would love a forever place to end her life.

I was reading this quote: “There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.” Albert Schweitzer.

So, if you have room in your hearts and home, maybe a lovely cat could make your life better.

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“Time with a cat is never wasted.”

In the past little while, I have learned of two older folks I knew well that have passed on. Bill Lopaschuk, aged 93, and Margaret Goodacre, aged 94. Great lives lived well.

I was about to talk about their lives and then I said to the cat there are so many elders in the Indigenous community that have made a difference for their nation or clan. I should be more sensitive to the memories of elders who leave this earth at a grand old age.

So, for those who have lost someone, I hope their memories are a blessing.

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