Bob Erb is in a class by himself

The rich need to follow example of Terrace, BC lottery winner

Dear Sir:

I salute Lotto Max’s $25 million winner from Terrace, Bob Erb. His generousity and humanity speaks volumes more than others who are super rich who do little except bask in their own wealth.

The 60-year-old lottery winner has a heart of gold and thinks of others not only himself. I can only wish others would catch this “moral disease” in a highly contagious manner, to help others and share, wishful thinking – dream on.

Independent of his new found fame, Mr. Erbs has a reputation of generousity and kindness. We all can learn from it, especially the elite and powerful. Some uniformed defensive readers may feel the rich do enough, who are they joking?

This is not about jealousies it is about a social responsibility and a need to share wealth in the joy in giving with a sense of self fulfillment and dignity.

We are morally bankrupt in idolizing the rich and famous whether it is hollywood, music artists, sports professionals, inventors, Ceo’s, investors, reality stars or others.

Often people at the top give crumbs for eye candy public relations stunts.  Does Oprah Winfrey need all her billions to be happy? Does Warren Buffet, Galen Weston, Richard Branson, Steve Jobbs family, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Donald Trump, David Thomson, Li Ka-shing, Mukesh Ambani, Christy Walton, Karl Albrecht need all their riches or royal families?

How many haven given 25 per cent? Not many! Please tell us that none of the top 100 on Forbes list and countless more under them could not afford to give up 25 per cent-plus of their incredible wealth to help the homeless, poor, soup kitchens, seniors, food banks, etc?

They all suffer from cancerous greed and big egos and blinders over their eyes. If the world’s rich gave more like Mr. Erb, the globe would be in better shape. How much does it take to make you content? How much do they need to feel financially secure, Dragons & Kardashians included or other big-wigs?

We need to adapt the Buffet rule to tax the rich who get far too many breaks, fact not a myth as some clowns would argue!

I do not know how many can look in their mirrors without shame. We need to hammer them with more taxes and use that cash to better social programs and universal health care instead of play money for our government to waste or throw at foreign lands who crave our excessive handouts.

The amount of cash spent on oil wars, foreign aid,  waste, refugee costs, forgiven global loans does not help our economy – it hurts.

Mr. Erb is admired for giving back to his community with his heart.  How many big winners would do the same? Not many!

Do pompous people like Carlos Slim need $73 billion to live a life of comfort more than most kingdoms? Shame.

If my letter offends those who are rich, do something to prove me and globally billions others, wrong!

Good for Mr. Erb as he shows more class than most in that hierachy.

Kerwin Maude,

Pitt Meadows, BC Canada