Better vet policies needed

A local man in Terrace BC is raising concerns about the vet policies, and the need for quick and compassionate ways to euthanize a pet.

David Miller’s dog Kia.

Dear Sir:

Just recently I listened to a retired veterinarian speak about the situation here last year when a little dog was abandoned in Terrace.

The veterinarian explained that the dog’s owner more than likely could not afford the fee to euthanize his pet, meaning the owner had to resort to an unfortunate act.

I also have been in a similar situation where a pet of mine needed to be put down.

My old lab was having difficulty walking, was beginning to have seizures and was losing her ability to hold fluids. I’ve had this dog for going on 15 years. She was part of the family and my best friend.

I approached all three of the local veterinarians about having my dog euthanized and was extremely disappointed with their reactions as to how it would be done.

None of the responses were satisfactory. And when the time finally came for my dog to be euthanized, one told me that they were backed up and I would have to wait a week.

In the meantime my dog was having multiple seizures, three in one day.

So one morning I lifted up my dog and put her into the van, drove out into the bush and shot her. I’ve hunted over 40 years and this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Now I am not saying all veterinarians are evil, but I do think the veterinary profession needs to set in place procedures and policies so that when a pet needs to be euthanized it can be done quickly, compassionately and without needless fees and prolonged waiting.

David Miller,

Terrace, B.C.