Balance needed here

Dear Sir:

For the last decade our region has had the NDP watch our mills close, and nothing was ever attempted at the provincial or federal level to even try to keep the pulp mills, and sawmills running.

Dear Sir:

For the last decade our region has had the NDP watch our mills close, and nothing was ever attempted at the provincial or federal level to even try to keep the pulp mills, and sawmills running.

Today you can count 20-plus packaged wood trucks going to Port Edward and being shipped out.   We are told there is no market to keep our West Fraser mill running and there is no market to keep the pulp mill in Kitimat running.

Anyone with half a brain cell knows that is B.S. Besides the packaged wood heading out, the same amount of saw logs are being sent out as well.  Again we are told to believe  there is no market to viably keep our mills running.

Where are our elected NDP politicians?  They are in the sand with their heads holding onto their ankles.  This latest version of the NDP may as well be the Green Party.  MLA Robin Austin and MP Nathan Cullen use the children’s nursery rhyme “the sky is falling” to grasp at our emotions to stir up fear. I am not surprised, our provincial NDP Party, is sinking in the very sand they have put their heads in.  Just a recap. Pulp mill closes the doors in Rupert, sawmill gets torn down, another closes, and West Fraser is able pull the biggest wink, wink, nudge, nudge and shut down Eurocan.  This all happened under to watchful eyes of the NDP.

The NDP and the rest attempt to force an all out ban of tankers. Are we going to close our doors to foreign trade?  In light of the recent KLNG/PNG natural gas deal with the Haisla in Kitamaat Village, are they going to tell the band members to give back the money as the tanker ban would mean no natural gas tankers?

I want to extend, a huge congratulations to the Haisal for making this deal happen. The Haisla band gets the big picture for economic benefits not just for today but for many generations to come.

The 100 to 200 full time direct jobs after the terminal is built is a good thing.  This is a win-win situation especially for Kitimat.

For all the positives that the Enbridge project will bring, there will always be a negative that the activists and politicians stir up.

Doubled hulled tankers are part of the International Maritime Organization which has very strict guidelines for the safety of the environment, crew, passengers, and ship. If these guidelines are not met fines are placed on the shipping company.

The entrance to the Kitimat Channel had been documented as being five times wider and deeper than what the same tankers follow under Lion’s Gate Bridge. Pilot boats will be bringing them in as well as tug boats bow and stern.

The accident that occurred with BP is what sticks in all of our minds.  No one wants that to take place.  Remember BP had no plan B, C, or D to fix what took place in the Gulf of Mexico.  BP is being sued by the US for their neglect.

The Exxon Valdez is one of closer events where a tanker ran aground.

As tragic that these two events were, they are benchmarks for the safety measures that Enbridge will have to spend money on.  The concerns local citizens have are valid.

This alone should cause Enbridge to spend more on local jobs to monitor the pipelines and not just rely on computers to indicate there is a problem. They will have employ people to look for activists who go and blow up pipe lines.  Now there is an oxymoron, activists go blow up pipelines to prove a point.

We live in a region that needs an economic revival, mining is poised to really trigger that economic engine. Mining will bring the obvious stimulus to our region. If we solely rely on mining, we will end right back where we are, with the logging industry today.

Our region needs to be multi-industry driven.  A diversified economic base will keep our youth here, and our natural infrastructure will build their families in Terrace, Kitimat, and Prince Rupert.

In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s activists would spike trees in attempts to stop logging.  Some fallers were killed by this.  Pipelines burst now at higher rates.  Is this just a coincidence or is it paid activists doing their dirty work and then politicians can then go buy our fears.

No one can say no accident will happen. Just as each of us, get up each day, not expecting to have one our selves while driving to work.

I see a Kitimat being a port that will be the jewel of the North Coast.  KLNG/PNG natural gas terminal, new Alcan smelter, and the Enbridge Gateway import/export facility.  These projects can and will be a catapult for an economic revival.

I believe a balanced approach with doing the job with the utmost care and attention to safety and care of our environment.  With rational thinking, planning and coordination the spin off can create job, jobs, and more long term good paying local jobs.

Ronald Bee, Terrace, BC