Another side to dog bite story

I would like to offer your readers another version of the events that led to the seizure of the dog Cain

Dear Sir:

I  would like to offer your readers another version of the events that led to the seizure of the dog Cain.

It’s different than the one that reported in your Aug. 15, 2012 story, “Protestors rally for dog’s transfer.”

On the day in question, four boys were outside playing ball hockey (as kids do), and during this game, Cain came out of his yard, and attacked one of the kids.

The dog bit hard enough that he ripped the little boy’s pants wide open. The boy ended up going home, but was not physically injured in the attack.

A   short  while later, a mother and two other children, smaller children than the first pair, went out for a walk.

At this time, Cain came out once again running towards the mother and those two children.

The dog first attacked the smaller child until the mother picked the child up. Even at this point Cain was attempting to jump at the child. Once Cain was done with the smaller child, he took after the six year old tackling him and pushing him into a ditch. Cain went in the ditch as well.

This is when the famous hockey stick allegation occurred. One of the kids ran into the ditch slapping his hockey stick on the ground yelling at Cain to go away. He never struck him once.

The dog owner actually witnessed this, even though his recollection is somewhat skewed, and the only thing he yelled was to not hit his dog.

You would think he would be trying to get control of his out-of-control canine, but he chose to just observe and yell at the kids from afar.

The owner is quoted as saying no injuries were sustained by the attacks and the boys were fine. This is not true. The physical injuries are only one part.

What about the emotional stress placed on these children?

And does it really make sense that three diesel trucks and children were cornering a German Shepherd as indicated in the first story? That story is just an attempt to muddy the truth to gain supporters in the community.

I think before anyone should be calling boys evil they should get their facts straight. In reality, if the two older kids weren’t there, the situation could have been a lot more serious, and parents could very well be visiting their young son in hospital.

Ken Isaak,

Terrace, BC