All pipelines are harmful

Boasting to be a First Nations company does not make it any different or right

Dear Sir:

Firstly, we have the Enbridge oil sands pipeline which is a threat to our environment and the future of our children.

Most British Columbians do not want to see its construction, running through our territories, over and or through our rivers, our mountains and our backyards.

Secondly, there is the LNG, the liquefied natural gas industry and their pipelines, which are equally as threatening as an oil pipeline, perhaps even more so.

Thirdly, there is the Eagle Spirit oil pipeline which although is not related or a part of the Enbridge company, it is as much a threat as any other project.

Boasting to be a First Nations company does not make it any different or right to be accepted, a pipeline is a pipeline, an oil spill is an oil spill.

It will be as catastrophic as any other spill and is contrary to our culture, traditions and teachings of our elders and spiritual leaders.

I was taught by elders and spiritual leaders, (medicine men and women) from many nations throughout North and South America.

They taught me that we First Nations were put here on Turtle Island to be the guardians and caretakers of this part of our Great Mother Earth.

She is the one that feeds and sustains us, she is sacred and must be treated with the greatest of respect, like any woman!

My wife just recently found a caption on facebook, “A savage is not the one who lives in the forest, rather a savage is the one who destroys the forest!!!”

Therefore I say ‘no’ to Enbridge.

I say ‘no’ to LNG and I say ‘no’ to Eagle Spirit pipeline! Let’s stand united against all these projects!

Aaron J. GreyCloud,

Terrace, B.C.