A thank you to Bob Erb’s gracious response

Terrace, BC lottery winner's contributions a cause for us all to reflect on our own ability

Dear Sir:

I would like to take this oppourntity to thank Mr. Bob Erb for his gracious contributions to all of the support and business groups in our community.

It is at these times that we need to look at our own reflections and ask “What if it was I?” It is not the amount of support in dollar value that is so wonderful, it is in fact the pureness of the person and what they live each day, with or without wealth.

After all, wealth is measured by who we are not what we have. I do not know Mr. Erb personally as I’m sure a lot of our community can also contest to, but having read all that he has done unselfishly does it not make a person stop to think, how easy it is to even give of your own time to help in our community.

I can only tell you from my own experience that a smile returned can not be measured in a dollar value. It only takes a moment of kindness to change someones day, I challenge our community to do just that, give some of your time, in that lies true wealth.

Thanks again, Mr Erb.

Sarah Morris,

Thornhill, BC