Manuel Francisco Favela

January 12, 1944 – May 8, 2019
Manuel Favela, loving husband, and father of three children, passed away peacefully at Mill Memorial hospital, at the age of 75.
Manuel was born in Lagoa, Sao Miguel, Portugal. At a very young age, Manuel worked on a farm with his father where he developed his love and expertise in gardening.
In 1966, Manuel began his mandatory military service. He served in Angola, Africa for just over two years. (1966-68).
He returned to Portugal at the age of 24. Manuel married his childhood sweetheart, Rosa Magarida at the age of 25. After their first child was born (1971), they migrated to Terrace, B.C. where Manuel began a 36-year career at Skeena Sawmills.
Manuel was known as a tireless worker who was committed to providing a good life for his family. In his first two years in Canada as a newly landed immigrant, Manuel worked the graveyard shift at the sawmill, and would then set chokers for a logging company during the day. He also did landscaping and pruning work for decades.
Manuel was very proud of his Portuguese wine he made each year. He also loved taking his fruits and vegetables to the local Farmers Market since it first opened in Terrace. Just as important to him was sharing his fruits and vegetable with friends and those in need. Manuel was also a committed volunteer at the Churches Food bank.
Manuel loved to travel and visit his family and grandkids. He made numerous trips to Sao Miguel, Acores, Portugal, Ottawa, South Korea, and the Northeastern States. He enjoyed watching hockey, soccer, and his favourite shows on the Portuguese channel.
Manuel was very involved with the Catholic Church (Sacred Heart Parish) His faith and the church community were a vital part of his life. He also appreciated being a part of the strong Portuguese community present in Terrace.
Dad will be remembered for teaching us to show gratitude and be appreciative of our blessings, to show love for those less fortunate, and to take care of our family.
A special thanks to Dr. Fourie and Dr. De Bruin who have both played an instrumental role in our dad’s life. My dad has always felt their compassion, care, and professionalism. Terrace is lucky to have both of you.
We would also like to thank all the doctors in Prince George who were very kind and caring.
The nurses make a huge difference. Thanks to all the nurses who have helped our dad along the way.
My family is very grateful to all those who came by to visit with their words of encouragement, prayers, and who have helped in many other ways.
Manuel was preceded in death by his mother Evelina and father Joao (Portugal), and his sister Merces (Portugal). He is survived by his sisters Evelina and Aldora (Providence, Rhode Island).
Immediate family: John and Hye Kyung and grandkids Francisco and Jaylin (Vancouver). Margaret and Mike Newhouse and grandkids Jessie, Toni, and Jackie (Ottawa). He is also survived by his daughter Nelly who provided countless hours of love and care for dad (Terrace).
Lastly, Manuel is survived by his wife Rosa Magarida. What a beautiful relationship. They have known each other since they were teenagers and were about to celebrate their 50th anniversary in July. They set a beautiful example of loyalty, commitment, and love.
We love and miss you Dad!
A funeral service will take place at Sacred Heart Parish in Terrace, BC, on Monday, May 13th at 11:00 am.

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