UPDATE: SUV smashes into cenotaph in Terrace, B.C.

Vehicle driver taken to Mills Memorial Hospital after suffering injuries

A vehicle ran into the cenotaph near the Terrace

A vehicle ran into the cenotaph near the Terrace

TERRACE RCMP say witnesses describe a grey 2005 Ford Escape as being driven erratically westbound on Lakelse Ave. this morning before it crashed into the cenotaph in front of Terrace city hall.

The driver, 48, was extracted from his vehicle by members of the Terrace Fire Department, which is located just metres away, and was taken to Mills Memorial Hospital.

“It is unknown at this time the extent of the injuries he suffered, but he remains unresponsive,” said Terrace RCMP Constable Angela Rabut.

“It is very fortunate that there was nobody in the area at the time of this crash and that the centopah stopped him. Otherwise he would’ve ended up deep into city hall,” she said.

The cenotaph had a little scratching and one of its illumination lights was smashed while the vehicle suffered damage to its left front end.

The accident took place at approximately 8:30 a.m.