UPDATE: How about that wind?

Winds clocked in at over 100km/h here in Terrace, B.C. and this snowy, blustery weather has grounded flights.

  • Nov. 22, 2012 5:00 p.m.

A snowfall warning is in effect on this blustery day in Terrace where storm force winds and snow have seen multiple flights cancelled at the Northwest Regional Airport.

According to Environment Canada’s weather office, up to 25 cm of snow could fall over night and today’s winds could reach up to 110 kilometres per hour on the inland section of B.C.’s north coast.

According to the Northwest Regional Airport’s website flights that won’t arrive in Terrace include one at 3 p.m. with Air Canada and one at 5 p.m. with Hawk Air.

Departure flights cancelled include Air Canada’s 3:25 flight and Hawk Air’s 5:45 flight.

Southeasterly winds of 90 – 110km/h hit the region this morning and slowed down this afternoon as the weather system moved east, according to the weather office.

According to the airport’s website, wind gusts are around 46 km/h.

Winds between 89 – 102 km/h are classified as “storm force winds”, and between 103 – 117km/hr they are called “violent storm force winds”, according to the Beaufort scale, which is used to classify wind speeds. Gale force winds happen between 62 – 74 km/hr, and hurricane force winds are anything stronger than 118 km/hr.

Strong outflow winds will continue over the north coast inland sections and keep temperatures below zero until Friday,” said a report from the weather office. “This combined with moisture from the frontal system will produce heavy snowfall … tonight.”

So far, no local power outages have been reported, according to BC Hydro’s website.

But strong winds have already caused some property damage in Terrace.

Wind brought down a tree at the shelter on Hall St. last night – on a vehicle,” said the Ksan House Society’s executive director Carol Sabo.

To keep up to date with the Northwest Regional Airport’s flight schedule, visit the website here.