Casey Eys

Casey Eys

Tiny Town finds a new home

An iconic collection of little buildings in Terrace is being moved from the Skeena Mall to the former Co-op property.

A collection of tiny buildings formerly located in the Skeena Mall has found a permanent home on Terrace’s old Co-op property.

Tiny Town, which is a miniature rendition of the town Youghal in Ireland was first built by Terrace resident Jim Allen and kept at his home on Agar Ave. until it was moved to the Skeena Mall just over two years ago.

Now, with the sale of the Skeena Mall, the colourful miniature buildings have found a new home in the lot of the old garden centre of Terrace’s former Co-op property.

“Due to the construction and a full mall … it just couldn’t stay here,” said mall manager Judi Hannon.

The buildings will be placed in the area close to the George Little House, arranged in a fashion that let’s the buildings to be viewed from many directions.

“Some of them will face the train,” said Yvonne Moen, who alongside numerous volunteers lent a hand to the move this morning.

Moen said she thinks Tiny Town will make a great addition to the Co-op property area as an eye-pleasing site for tourists.

She added there are plans to landscape the area around where they will be placed.