Terrace student vote nearly matches municipal election results

Thornhill Elementary and Caledonia Senior held their own municipal votes and correctly chose all but one councillor and mayor in Terrace, BC

  • Nov. 17, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Student Vote BC saw an elementary school and a high school in Terrace take part in their own voting processes with surprising results.

Thornhill Elementary and Caledonia Senior students numbering 225 and 545, respectively, cast their ballots and while they elected Bruce Bidgood as mayor with 76 votes over Carol Leclerc with 55 votes, the only other difference from the municipal vote final results was their choice for one city councillor.

The six councillors elected by students were Sean Bujtas with 90 votes, Jessica Miller with 74 votes, James Cordeiro with 68 votes, Michael Prevost with 60 votes, Stacey Tyers with 57 votes and Brian Downie with 55 votes.

In the regular municipal election, five of those councillors were voted in and the one exception to the students’ vote was Lynne Christiansen re-elected as councillor instead of Jessica Miller.

The remaining councillors votes by students were as follows: Allan McIntyre with 47 votes, Lucy Praught with 44 votes, Lynne Christiansen with 43 votes, Don Dunster with 38 votes, Brenda Wesley with 32 votes and Craig Lyons with  31 votes.