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Terrace set for record-breaking heatwave, as Environment Canada issues heat warning

Temperatures will soar towards 30 degrees Celsius for the next six days
Swimmers seek respite from the heat at Lost Lake in Terrace on July 3. The city is bracing for a record-breaking heatwave. (Viktor Elias/Terrace Standard)

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Terrace, as the city braces for a heatwave. The government agency anticipates that daytime temperatures will reach a blistering 30 degrees Celsius, while overnight temperatures will hover near a warm 15 degrees Celsius over the next six days.

The intense heatwave, as per Environment Canada’s forecasts, is expected to persist until Sunday. However, residents should brace for high temperatures that will continue into early next week before gradually moderating towards more seasonal values.

In light of the potential heat-related risks, Environment Canada is alerting residents about the elevated risks of extreme heat. These risks are amplified for vulnerable populations such as young children, pregnant women, older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses and those working or exercising outdoors. Despite this, the agency stresses that the extreme heat conditions can affect everyone.

Residents are being urged to be vigilant for signs of heat illness, which may include swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and the exacerbation of certain health conditions. The agency has explicitly stated that heat stroke is a medical emergency and that individuals experiencing dizziness, disorientation, high temperature, unconsciousness, confusion, or cessation of sweating should seek immediate medical attention.

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In partnership with local Medical Health Officers, Environment Canada foresees an uptick in health and safety risks due to the heat and advises the public to employ all necessary precautions.

Environment Canada’s seven-day forecast shows temperatures in Terrace reaching or exceeding the 30-degree Celsius mark for several consecutive days.

The detailed forecast is as follows:

  • Tonight (July 4): Low of 14ºC, clear
  • Tomorrow (July 5): High of 30ºC, sunny. Low of 14ºC, mainly cloudy
  • Thursday (July 6): High of 31ºC, sunny. Low of 15ºC, clear
  • Friday (July 7): High of 32ºC, sunny. Low of 15ºC, clear
  • Saturday (July 8): High of 31ºC, sunny. Low of 15ºC, clear
  • Sunday (July 9): High of 29ºC, sunny. Low of 14ºC, clear
  • Monday (July 10): High of 28ºC, sunny

All forecasts are accurate as of 4 p.m. PDT on July 4.

Historical weather data reveals that Terrace may be on the brink of shattering several heat records, including those set in July 1958 and July 2010.

The current record for July 5, set in 1958, stands at 32.8ºC, while the July 6 record from the same year is 33.3ºC. Other records include July 7 from 2010 at 31.9ºC, July 8 from 2010 at 32.6ºC and July 9 from 1985 at 30.9ºC. Given the current forecast, all these records are under threat.

Environment Canada issues heat warnings when daytime temperatures are expected to reach 28ºC or warmer and nighttime temperatures are anticipated to be 13ºC or warmer for two or more consecutive days.

Viktor Elias joined the Terrace Standard in April 2023.

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