Terrace restricts water use after pump failure

Sprinklers used to water lawns or gardens are not permitted while city staff work on restoring the water pump

Terrace residents can expect water restrictions going into the Canada Day long weekend after a water pump failure at the city’s Frank Street Well Complex.

The city announced the water restrictions earlier Thursday, prohibiting the use of sprinkler systems to water lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers or gardens until further notice.

However, watering using a handheld hose equipped with a spray trigger nozzle is still permitted.

According to Terrace director of public works Rob Schibli, the water pump’s electric motor appears to have failed.

“It is a submersible pump and 40-metres below ground so the actual cause of failure is difficult to determine at this time,” Schibli said.

Schibli said the city has another water pump in stock, but replacing the pump would be challenging if it’s deemed necessary.

“If it is determined that the unit requires replacement, the job will require arranging for a crane and personnel and could take a few weeks to complete,” Schibli said.

These restrictions apply to the City of Terrace and other areas connected to the city water system, including some residences in north Terrace and Braun’s Island.

The sprinkler restrictions have been put in place to ensure that water reservoir levels be maintained for fire protection, as well as normal domestic and commercial use.

The city release says that staff are working to assess what went wrong with the water pump – one of three pumps at the complex – and find a solution in a timely manner.

Residents are reminded to check the City of Terrace website and Facebook page to receive periodic updates on the situation.