Terrace man charged for stealing ice cream

Alcohol fuels many weekend ciminal and other incidents in Terrace

  • Apr. 3, 2012 6:00 p.m.

AND HERE are the incidents requiring the presence of Terrace RCMP officers for the two day period ending the morning of April 2.


Downtown Terrace

– 13 yr old girl reported missing. She was not missing, she was at a family member’s residence and not going home. Not a police matter.

– shoplifting at Safeway. Police observed video footage and identified the thief. Patrols were made and the man was located and arrested. Meat, ice cream, sandals, and drug paraphernalia were seized from his person. Clay Stewart, 46 yrs old of Terrace, has been charged with theft under and remanded to appear in court April 3.

– a 45 yr old man was observed staggering down Greig Ave and was arrested for public intoxication.

– assault at the Spirit Night Club. Under investigation.

– BC Ambulance requested police assistance with a drug overdose. The man was transported to

Mills Memorial Hospital prior to police arrival without incident.

– a man and woman were observed by police sitting on a concrete barrier on Kalum St / Greig Ave for a long time. Police checked on them and arrested the 28 yr old woman for public intoxication.

– police observed a group of people loitering. A 44 yr old woman and 46 yr old man were arrested for public intoxication on Kalum St /Lakelse Ave

– police observed a 36 yr old man staggering on Lakelse Ave. He was arrested for public intoxication.

– a woman reported her 16 yr old son was assaulted by another boy of similar age. People involved were not cooperative.

– person checking for unlocked vehicles in Safeway parking lot. Police spoke with the man and gave him some advice.

– police observed a man sleeping on a bench on Kalum St/Lakelse Ave. The 63 yr old was arrested for public intoxication.

– a red 2002 Chev Cavalier was checked on Lakelse Ave / Kalum St. The smell of marijuana was noted and the driver and 4 passengers were arrested. An amount of marijuana, a scale, and cash was seized. The 16 yr old driver was issued a driver’s licence suspension and the vehicle was towed. Charges of possession of drug for the purpose of trafficking are being forwarded to Crown Counsel for approval on the 16 yr old driver.

– police observed a man staggering down Lakelse Ave. The 64 yr old man was arrested for pubic intoxication.

Elsewhere Terrace

– Ministry of Children and Families requested police assistance on a check.

– police gave advice on an issue involving children fighting.

– report of a person sleeping by the Terrace Library. Police located the 16 yr old runaway boy and transported him home.

– harassing texts and phone calls. Police gave advice on the matter.

– suicidal man. Police spoke with him. Unfounded.

– a 21 yr old woman attempted to punch a 17 yr old girl. Non cooperative people involved.

– unwanted intoxicated people at a residence on Greig Ave. They left via taxi after speaking with police.

– police gave advice on a separation issue.

– police assisted BC Ambulance with an aggressive patient.

– intoxicated person wanting to fight and smashing things at an address on Haugland. Police attended and the person had left on their own accord. Checks were done of area.

– group of girls causing a disturbance behind the Real Canadian Wholesale. A 15 yr old girl and an 18 yr old man were arrested for public intoxication.

– noisy party on Pear St. One person left and police warned the other two about the noise level. Police had to re attend. A man found alternate lodging for the night.

– man screaming and yelling at his dog on Straume Ave at 1:30 AM. Police have attended the same location for the same set of circumstances numerous times. The man was spoken with.

– possible impaired in a blue GMC Yukon. Checks were done of the area.

– group of intoxicated people near Cassie Hall School. A 17 yr old girl and a 22 yr old man were arrested for public intoxication.

– a grey Honda Odyssey was stopped for speeding near Ferry Island. The 23 yr old driver was issued a 3 day roadside suspension when he provided a breath sample in the warn range.

– intoxicated familial dispute. Police transported two people to alternate lodging for the night.

– possible fight at a residence on Hanson St. Unfounded.

– an intoxicated man refusing to leave a residence on Pear St. He left on his own accord.

– unwanted people at a residence on Straume Ave. Police spoke with them and they left.

– man passed out in the Terrace Library. Police arrested the 31 yr old man for public intoxication.

– erratic driver in a red Honda Civic in the parking lot on Kenny St. The driver was spoken with.

– intoxicated man in the Safeway Parking lot bothering people. Police arrested a 47 yr old man for public intoxication.

– false cellular 911 call.

– a 3 yr old girl wandering down Haugland St. She was able to guide police to her home.

– man yelling threats to a child. Police spoke with the man and checked the welling being of the children. Unsubstantiated.

– intoxicated man in the Legion Parking Lot. Police arrested a 56 yr old man for public intoxication.

– five teenagers urinating on a building on Pear St. Checks were done of area.

– two intoxicated men on Keith Ave that may drive. Police located and spoke with the men. They were waiting for a ride home.

– false business alarm on Pohle Ave

– while at a call of a bicycle accident in the parking lot of Denny’s, police observed an intoxicated man who appeared to have defecated himself. The 20 yr old man was arrested for public intoxication.

– noisy party on Sparks St. The homeowner was warned.

– a woman reported threats received via texts. Police spoke with the man and determined that the woman was the one sending the harassing texts. She was warned to stop.

– intoxicated domestic dispute. A man and woman were separated for the night.

– two calls received of an intoxicated man walking around shoeless. The 20 yr old was located and arrested for public intoxication.

– noisy party on Scott Ave. Home owner was spoken with.

– domestic dispute. A man and woman were spoken with and separated for the night.

– man throwing small pebbles at a window. Checks were done of area.

– report of a breach and uttering threats. Unsubstantiated.

– intoxicated mother was attempting to remove her 2 yr old daughter from a residence. Police attended. The woman had left on her own accord.

– man intoxicated on Sparks St. Police arrested a 47 yr old man for public intoxication.

– third party report of a pedestrian deliberately struck by a vehicle. Under investigation.

– police observed a man using a light pole to assist him to stand up. Police arrested a 63 yr old man for public intoxication.

– noise complaint on Kalum St. Checks were done of area. A second call was received. More patrols were made. Everything was quiet.

– a green Dodge Avenger was pulled over for failing to stop. The driver was arrested for impaired driving. The 33 yr old driver was issued a driving licence suspension, an Administrative Driving Prohibition, and violation tickets. The vehicle he was driving was impounded.

– a group of intoxicated men in a river boat at the old bridge on the Skeena River mooned a woman. Checks were done of area.

– group of intoxicated youth on School St / Greig Ave. A 17 yr old girl, an 18 yr old woman, and an 18 yr old man were all arrested for public intoxication. Another intoxicated 18 yr old man was arrested for obstruction when he provided police with a false name. He was also in breach of conditions of curfew and consuming liquor. Earl Theodorou of Terrace has been charged with two counts of Breach of Undertaking and Obstruction. He is remanded to attend court on April 2.


– noisy party on Queensway Dr. The lone intoxicated partier was told to shut it down.

– advice was given on a landlord / tenancy matter. Police also attended to keep the peace.

– report of an unlicenced driver in a red Suburban. The man was spoken with.

– bullying and uttering threats complaint. Children involved are all around 10 yr of age. Issue is being dealt with at the school.

– a 38 yr old woman was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and transported to Mills Memorial Hospital for assessment.

– a man was observed at the Mac’s store on Hwy 16 in an intoxicated state. The 41 yr old man was arrested for public intoxication. He was in breach of his condition of not to consume alcohol.

– noises on back deck of a residence on Kofoed Dr. Checks were done. Possibly a bear.

– possible impaired in a grey Mazda Protégée on Queensway Dr. The vehicle was located parked. A 39 yr old woman was warned about her actions.

– teenagers using a person’s back yard as a short cut on Queensway Dr. Advice was given.

– two men fighting at the Northern Motor Inn. Fight was consensual and fueled by alcohol consumption. Everyone dispersed prior to police arrival.


– a truck parked overnight on Hwy 16 East about 2 km East of Copper river due to a flat tire was subject to theft and vandalism. A CB radio, truck battery, two door speakers, and radiator were stolen.

– horses loose on Kalum Lake Rd / Pat Roy Rd. Checks were done.

– vehicle abandoned on a driveway on Hwy 16. The vehicle was moved prior to police attendance.

– a hiker found a bone on Terrace Mountain. Police fished the bone out of the garbage she thru it into. The local veterinarian determined the bone was not human.

– a man reported that he was being held captive at the top of a mountain for the past year and that he was going to be killed because of their religion. He stated that he was calling from the operating room. Police made extensive investigative efforts and could not identify the caller.

– a red Nissan 350z was pulled over for doing 191 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone on Hwy 37 near Gruchy Beach. The 26 yr old driver was issued violation tickets and his vehicle was impounded for 7 days.

– a black Polaris Ranger ATV driving on Kenny St was pulled over. The 29 yr old driver was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired. He refused to provided breath samples. Charges of refusing to provide breath samples are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– a white Ford F -350 pickup truck abandoned in the Thunderbird Gravel Pit. The driver had got the truck stuck in the snow and was getting help to retrieve it.

– two horses out on Pat Roy Rd. The horse owner was contacted.


– familial dispute. Police attended. Matter had sorted itself out.


– an intoxicated man causing problems on Tsunyow St. He was transported to other lodgings for the night.

– noisy party on Tsunyow St. Police observed an intoxicated boy staggering down the street. He began to yell profanities at the police officers and his actions were upsetting numerous observers. Police arrested the 16 yr old boy for public intoxication.

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at www.bccrimestoppers.com.