Store defends poster

Deviant Fibres owner says poster is satire and hopes police have better things to do than worry about what's on his store front window

  • Feb. 6, 2016 7:00 a.m.

Deviant Fibres owner Bob Erb says he has yet to be contacted by either the city or the RCMP about a Santa poster on display in his store window.

The poster of Santa wearing a unique style of underwear drew a complaint letter sent to the city from a visiting Vanderhoof resident which was then forwarded to the RCMP.

I would hope the police and the city have other matters on which to spend their resources,” said Erb who was away from Terrace last week. “There’s lots of crime, property crime, to worry about.”

I’ve told the store under no circumstances to take the poster down unless it is with my explicit instructions,” he said.

That poster, and others like it, have been up for months. We’ve had 1,000 people through the store and there’s not been a negative comment.”

Letter writer Twyla Thompson had said the poster can be viewed by children, something that should not be allowed.

But Erb said even more images of scantily clad men and women can be seen in stores throughout the city selling clothing and magazines.

What this is is satirical,” he said of the Santa poster and others of a similar vein for sale in his store.

Erb noted that Deviant Fibres caters to a mature audience and is not a place for younger people.

We have professional people, all kinds as clients,” he said.

Terrace RCMP last week declined to talk about the letter or any investigation.

We typically do not confirm or deny investigations unless there is an investigational or public need,” said Terrace RCMP Constable Angela Rabut, adding that details only become known should charges be eventually laid.