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Second weapons seizure at homeless camp in Terrace

Several individuals were detained and drugs and weapons were seized during an RCMP raid at a homeless camp located on the 4300 block of Lakelese Avenue in Terrace
Terrace RCMP seized weapons for the second time from a homeless camp

Terrace RCMP conducted a second raid at a homeless camp near the 4300 block of Lakelse Avenue on May 31, 2024, resulting in the seizure of additional weapons, suspected drugs and contraband.

This latest operation follows a major raid just a few days ago on May 27 during which a considerable amount of drugs and weapons were confiscated from the same location.

RCMP detained several individuals after observing weapons throughout the camp during the May 31 raid.

A further search of the area led to the discovery and seizure of more weapons, cell phones, cash, and suspected drugs, all of which have been submitted for civil forfeiture.

The RCMP has once again emphasized the importance of public safety and urged the residents to remain vigilant while walking or hiking and to avoid areas that might pose potential dangers.



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