Search for missing dynamite called off

No trace found of explosives missing along road in northwestern BC

  • Jul. 21, 2012 5:00 a.m.

RCMP HAVE called off their search for two boxes of dynamite which were lost on a forest service road west of Terrace July 16.

Three boxes, each containing 15 sticks of dynamite, apparently fell off a delivery truck belonging to Orica Canada, a division of a multinational company which makes explosives.

The third box was found on the road but there has been no sign of the other two.

At one point up to 15 people, including 10 RCMP officers, were combing a section of the West Kalum Forest Service Road.

Included in the search was an explosives-sniffing RCMP dog from Vancouver.

The RCMP’s search is concluded with negative results. Investigation is still ongoing,” said Constable Angela Rabut of the Terrace RCMP on July 20.

She described the terrain searched as very difficult.

The boxes are marked with the name Power ProTM.

Power Pro is nitroglycerin sensitized, extra gelatin dynamite formulated for use in surface and underground mining applications.

It can be initiated by extreme instances of shock, friction or mechanical impact and therefore, extremely dangerous and should be handled with care, warn the RCMP.

If the public comes across any boxes marked as described above, they are asked to leave the boxes where they are and immediately call the Terrace RCMP Detachment at 1-250-638-7400.

A statement from Orica said it “is currently conducting a full investigation into this incident to determine its cause and any corrective actions to be taken.”