School trustee reduction in the works

  • Jan. 27, 2011 5:00 a.m.

The Coast Mountain School District is getting ready to lower its trustee count from nine to seven.

The proposal was put forward by Hazelton trustee Lynn Newbery at a school board meeting last March, saying that budget cuts had been made in almost every area except when it came to the trustees themselves.

In September 2010 the board voted in favour of the reduction five to four.

According to Barry Pankhurst, chair of the school board, the board is now waiting for feedback from the communities in the school district and will send that information on to the Minister of Education in April, who will then make the final decision.

Pankhurst said that if the no one in the community gets too excited about at reduction he anticipates that the minister will agree with the board’s decision to make the cuts.

Pankhurst said the savings associated with the reduction will be around $26,000 – $27, 000 per year.

“It’s not a major cost of the school district to have trustees,” Pankhurst said.

The reduction will be one trustee from Terrace, and one from Kitimat.

Currently there are nine trustees; three representing Terrace, three for Kitimat, one for Thornhill, one for Stewart and one for Hazelton/Kitwanga.

Elections for a new school board take place in November at the same time as elections for municipal and regional district representatives.