Runaway girls found in Kitimat

AND HERE are the incidents requiring the presence of RCMP officers from 8 am Feb. 24 to 8 am Feb. 28.

AND HERE are the incidents requiring the presence of Terrace RCMP officers from 8 am Feb. 24 to 8 am Feb. 28.

Downtown Terrace

– two intoxicated people kissing on Emerson St / Lakelse Ave. They were both arrested for public intoxication.

– two false business alarms on Lakelse Ave

– false business alarm on Greig Ave

– a business on Lakelse Ave reported that an intoxicated woman was claiming two people were trying to beat her up. Police attended and did not find sign of an assault. The intoxicated woman did not fear for her safety, and was not making sense. Two intoxicated men were loitering outside of the business and were arrested for public intoxication.

– two intoxicated people causing problems at Tim Horton’s. A second call from another business was received shortly after. A man was located at the Bear Country Inn and arrested for public intoxication.

– shoplifting from a business

– a man was observed by police walking on Kalum St with open alcohol. The alcohol was destroyed and he was dealt with.

– false residential alarm on Lazelle Ave

– a woman wearing a checker cap with a flower on it stole a black jacket from Mark’s Work Wear World

– Loss Prevention Officer of Save On Foods arrested a 20 yr old man for shoplifting

– report of an intoxicated man at the intersection of Greig Ave and Attwood St. Police located the man lying in the middle of the street with cuts on his hands. BC Ambulance transported the man to Mills Memorial Hospital for assessment.

– a 25 yr old man was arrested at Save On Foods for shoplifting.

Elsewhere Terrace

– well being check

– breach of probation by failing to report to a bail supervisor. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– false residential alarm on Medeek Ave

– complaint of a person using another person’s name to report a crime

– suicidal 49 yr old woman was transported to Mills Memorial Hospital by BC Ambulance. She was released by the hospital, and then picked up by police shortly after and returned to the hospital by the hospital’s request.

– police assisted a man in retrieving personal items from a residence.

– man arrested for public intoxication from the Men’s Shelter on Hall St.

– well being check. Person returned on their own.

– complaint of a man becoming violent at an address on Pear St. Police attended and located a man and woman who denied calling police. The man and woman were arrested for public mischief.

– police assisted BC Ambulance with a man acting irrationally at a residence on Pear St

– report of a 14 yr old girl in breach of her probation by failing to abide by her curfew. She was located in Kitimat with two other girls from Terrace, ages 12 and 13. All three were transported back to Terrace and dealt with accordingly. Charges of breach of probation are being forwarded to Crown Counsel on the 14 yr old.

– man requested police assistance in shutting down a party at his residence on Tuck Ave. The crowd was dispersed.

– a grey 2008 Chev Sierra was checked on Soucie Ave near Sparks St. The 18 yr old driver was under the influence of alcohol, contrary to his restrictions. He was given a 12 hour licence suspension and issued a violation ticket.

– a 17 yr old boy was observed highly intoxicated on Munroe St. He was arrested for public intoxication and then handed over to the care of his father.

– false business alarm on Kalum St

– report of a possible impaired driving a red 2001 Ford Focus. The vehicle was located and the driver was issued a licence suspension, issued violation ticket, and the vehicle was towed.

– domestic dispute. A man was arrested for breach of probation. Everyone involved was highly intoxicated and not cooperative with police.

– a passed out woman woke up to find a man kissing her. The matter was dealt with.

– report of an intoxicated man attempting to get into a residence on Olson Ave. He then climbed into the vehicle parked in the driveway. Police attended and located the 20 yr old man in the vehicle and arrested him for public intoxication.

– report of 3 teen age boys hitch hiking to Shames Mountain after the ski bus broke down on Hwy 16.

– police assisted Terrace Fire Department on Hwy 16. A red 1983 Ford Ranger started to smoke, when the driver pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road it started on fire.

– single vehicle motor vehicle accident. A green 1996 Suburban lost control on North Eby due to icy roads. It hit the high ice snow banks and rolled onto its roof. The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to Mills Memorial Hospital via BC Ambulance. The vehicle was extensively damaged and towed.

– false business alarm on Pohle Ave

– police assisted Conservation with a vehicle check on Copper River FSR. The driver of blue 1995 Plymouth Voyager was found to be prohibited. Charges of driving prohibited are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– police assisted BC Ambulance at a residence on Soucie Ave. An elderly man refused treatment.

– Loss Prevention Officer of Walmart arrested two girls, 13 and 14 yrs of age, for shoplifting. Police attended and transported the girls to their respective residences. They are banned from Walmart for a year.

– well being check

– mischief to a house on Dejong Cr. The house was hit with paint balls.

– intoxicated woman on Kalum St. Checks were done of area.

– a blue 2004 Honda CR V parked in the Uplands School Parking lot was checked. The 18 yr old driver was stoned. He was issued a driving suspension.

– intoxicated person refusing to leave a residence on Kalum St

– two men fighting on Davis Ave

– intoxicated woman on Century Rd.

– party on Soucie Ave. A woman was arrested for public intoxication. The party was shut down.

– a person knocking on a door of a residence on Soucie Ave. She left on her own accord.

– a black 2003 Toyota Tacoma pickup was broken into while parked at the Curling Club on School St during the night of Feb. 25/26. An HD Go Pro Hero 2 helmet camera was stolen.

– mischief to a house on Mcconnell Ave. It was paint balled.

– false 911 call from the Terrace Arena

– false 911 call from Mills Memorial Hospital

– 2 men drinking alcohol in Library Park. They were located and spoken with.

– mischief to a residence on Mcrae Cr. The house was paint balled.

– report of youth starting a bush on fire in the Library Park. Fire Department attended with police. A small dead bush was burnt.

– report of a fight in a residence on Haugland Ave. Police checked the residence and did not find any signs of a fight.

– Blackberry lost at the Sandman Inn during the night of Feb. 25/26

– a parent requested police to attend a residence on Park Ave to pickup her 15 yr old daughter. The woman could not confirm if the daughter was there nor if she was in danger. Police informed the woman that this was a parenting issue.

– domestic dispute. A 41 yr old man was arrested for assault. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– a man who is banned from the Men’s Shelter on Hall St was attempting to gain access by using a false name. Police attended. A weapon was seized from the man. The man left with a woman. Police discussed the issue with staff.

– staff at the Terrace Aquatic Center seized drugs from a teen during bag checks at the Friday night teen swim.

– false 911 call from Mills Memorial Hospital

– a woman reported that her 18 yr old son was high, drunk, and causing a disturbance in their home. Police attended. Follow up is being done by other agencies.

– IPhone was lost during the night of Feb. 24/25

– a 12 yr old boy reported an unfamiliar vehicle parked in his driveway on Halliwell Ave. He was home alone and needed to go out for a meeting, but was afraid to do so. Police attended and checked the vehicle. The boy was able to go to his meeting.

– loud noises coming from an apartment on Pear St. Ongoing issue that the landlord is not dealing with. Everything was quite when police attended. Police re attended later on in the evening to another noise complaint. Four intoxicated people were in the apartment. They were directed to turn off the music and keep it down.

– an 18 yr old woman was arrested for causing a disturbance on Haugland Ave.

– intoxicated man on Little Ave. Checks were done of area.

– woman reported being harassed and belittled by a man in an apartment on Little Ave. Police attended and advised the woman to go back to her own residence.

– well being check of a possible suicidal man.


– snowmobile rat racing on Thornhill St

– man reported receiving annoying non threatening text messages from another man

– motor vehicle accident on Desjardins Rd. A red 2005 Chev Cavalier hit a Kalum Cab. The weather and road conditions were poor. Damage was minor. The cab had to be towed.

– intoxicated people causing a disturbance at the Northen Motor Inn, banging on doors. Police attended and arrested a 36 yr old woman for public intoxication. An amount of marihuana was seized from her person.

– a brown 1986 Mazda 323 was checked on Muller Ave. The 40 yr old driver was found to be impaired by drug and was issued a driving suspension and numerous violation tickets. The vehicle he was driving was towed.

– a red 2003 Dodge 250 was reported parked with the engine running on Thornhill St for over two hours.

Police attended and located the vehicle. The 26 yr old driver was arrested for impaired driving. He provided samples of breath that were over double the legal limit. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– 14 yr old boy reported missing. Chronic runaway.

– an 18 yr old man approached a residence on Alder Ave and offered candy to children. Police located the man and spoke with him about his behavior.

– fight at a residence on Muller Ave. An intoxicated 32 yr old woman assaulted a man. She was arrested for assault.

– residential alarm on Krumm Ave. Police attended and ascertained from tracks that animals had went thru the property and set the alarm off.

– a concerned parent attended to the detachment with a 13 yr old boy. The parent had found a knife on the boy. Police destroyed the weapon and spoke with the boy.


– a dog bit a 9 yr old boy on Giesbrecht Rd. No injuries. The owner of the dog is cooperative and dealing with the matter.

– an uninsured school bus parked on Usk Ferry Rd had its windows smashed out

– report of shots fired in the area of Little Cedar. Ongoing poaching issue in the area. Conservation was advised.

– a green 1994 Dodge Dakota pickup was checked on Hwy 37 near Water Lily Bay Resort. The 24 yr old driver had been drinking alcohol contrary to his driver’s licence restrictions. He was issued a 12 hour licence

suspension and issued violation tickets.

– report of a green 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix in the ditch on Old Remo Rd. The vehicle was badly damaged and towed. Nobody was inside. Under investigation.


– domestic dispute. The man agreed to leave the residence for the night. Under investigation.


– false business alarm on Gitaus Rd

– domestic dispute. The man was arrested for assault and the woman was arrested for breach of undertaking.

Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

– a person knocked on the door of a residence on Gitselasu St. No one was observed outside of the residence.


nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at