Remains of a demolished house on Agar won't be removed until insurance adjusters have finished their work. (Bert Husband/The Terrace Standard)

Remains of demolished house haven’t been removed

Insurance adjusters doing an investigation

It may be awhile yet before the remains of an abandoned house on Agar Ave. ordered to be demolished by the city and then heavily damaged by fire are cleaned up.

That’s because the insurance company holding the policy on the property has stepped in.

The house on the 5100 Block of Agar had been a problem for neighbours for years with complaints about accumulated material outside and the activities of various tenants.

The city finally took action in February, following a petition from neighbours, and ordered the dwelling demolished.

A company hired by the city did move heavy equipment to the location in August but then removed it pending final clearance to begin work.

But after that happened, a late night fire Aug. 30 heavily damaged the structure and the company returned the next day to finally demolish what was left.

The remains were piled up but before they could be removed and the site tidied up, insurance adjusters arrived to complete a fire inspection, says city communications officer Tyler Clarke.

“They came in and put up their own fencing and asked us to hold off on the demolition so they can finish their investigation,” said Clarke.

“Once complete, insurance may cover cost of cleanup, depending on the findings.”

Prior to the fire the city indicated it would pay for the demolition and recover the cost from the trustee who is managing the affairs of the property’s owner.

The city anticipated that it would recover its costs either by adding them to property taxes or being reimbursed when the property was sold.

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