Police plane returns to enforce speed limits in northwestern B.C.

The highway patrol recently used the police plane to catch traffic violations and tallied 19 in four hours on area highways

  • Jul. 8, 2015 9:00 a.m.

You’ve seen them on the side of the road, probably ignored them as a scare tactic: the white rectangle signs with black lettering that reads “Aircraft Patrolled.”

Well, as of July 7th, 2015, you better pay attention to them as the plane is back.

West Pacific Region Traffic Services, working with  the RCMP Air Services plane out of Prince Rupert, conducted enforcement on Highway 16 and Highway 37 South in the Terrace and Kitimat areas for approximately four hours in the afternoon of July 7th.

The final tally by the end of the day was:

  • 8 Tickets and 5 written warnings for speed.

  • 1 Ticket and a vehicle impounded for excessive speed. (154 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone)

  • 1 Ticket for no driver’s licence

  • 1 Ticket for cross double solid line

  • 1 Ticket for fail to display N sign

  • 1 ticket for fail to change address

  • 1 breach of undertaking charge.

“This was the first time this had been done in the area in awhile, it was found to be quite effective and police were able to see things that they would not see in the course of a normal patrol,”   said Cpl. Philip Crack of the Integrated Road Safety Unit attached to West Pacific Region Traffic Services.

“It allows for easier targeting of the aggressive drivers, the ones that are tailgating and dodging in and out of traffic. With how effective it was, be prepared to see more of it in the area.”

Being the summer driving months and with more traffic on the road, police would like to remind drivers to slow down, take their time and maintain a safe driving distance.