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Poilievre’s Terrace rally addresses housing, natural resource extraction, firearm rights

The Conservative Party of Canada leader visited Smithers, Terrace on Sept. 14

Housing, natural resource extraction and firearm rights were some items at top of the agenda at Pierre Poilievre’s “Bring it Home” rally on Sept. 14 in Terrace.

Poilievre’s rally was held at Yellowhead Helicopter Tours, with approximately 200-300 supporters packing the building in an attempt to shift the political tides of the Northwest.

The evening started with Conservative MP for Prince George, Bob Zimmer, introducing a member of the audience, who claimed her husband was unable to practice his shooting target sport because of Bill C21, federal legislation restricting firearms.

Signs reading “axe Trudeau’s tax,” “common sense,” “protect hunters” and “B.C. loves Pierre” were held up by supporters of the Opposition leader.

Poilievre addressed the Skeena Sawmills bankruptcy expressing his sympathy for those facing job losses at the mill.

Poilievre also took aim at the NDP’s old growth moratorium, which he claimed is blocking an industry that could be thriving.

Terrace resident April Hodges, who feels as though the Northwest’s political landscape is changing, thoroughly enjoyed the rally. She opposes vaccine mandates, the closure of logging projects and high taxes.

“I thought it was wonderful, very hopeful. This is the first time I’ve felt hope in a very long time,” she said. “The energy was really amazing, it kind of gave me goosebumps… I didn’t realize there would be so many people supporting the Conservative Party here.”

Barry Prince was firm in his anti-Trudeau sentiment and feels Poilievre is the man to replace the current prime minister.

“We are in a critical moment in Canadian history. If Canadians really knew how much trouble they are in, you would see a massive uprising,” he said. “Trudeau is destroying this country, we’re not going to have a Canada left if we don’t stop this guy.”

One of the younger attendees, Devon Warren, came to the rally to hear more from Poilievre, who he said has advocated for policies that he would like to see in the future. More energy production, particularly natural gas, is something he would like to see more of.

“I’m hoping for change and Pierre says all the right things,” he said. “A better future is important because it seems like we are in a downhill slope right now and I’m really not looking forward to be 50 or 60 and not owning a home.”

The rally brought out strong emotions in many Conservative Party supporters. An outspoken attendee interrupted Poilievre, claiming her cousin and others had died because of COVID vaccines, while demanding the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum be held accountable for their apparent crimes.

“You are 100 per cent right,” responded Poilievre. “I was 100 per cent against vaccine mandates and I have a bill before parliament… to ban the federal government from ever imposing any more COVID vaccines.”

About the Author: Seth Forward, Local Journalism Initiative

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