No earthquake damage reported

Last night's event off of Haida Gwaii shook nerves

NO DAMAGE has been reported from last night’s earthquake off of Haida Gwaii.

The 7.7 magnitude event was the largest to be felt in B.C. in decades and its aftershocks continued overnight.

The quake did, however, rattle nerves as buildings shook, lights swayed and people clung to pieces of furniture.

“Went to get up out of my chair and sat right back down. Everything was moving back and forth,” said Terrace resident Gail Stefanik.

“Things were falling out of cupbards and off shelves,” she said.

Another Terrace resident said the experience was equal to sitting in a boat and having it move up and down on the sea.

The provincial government’s Provinical Emergency Program went into action and issued a tsunami alert.

By early this morning, the alert was canceled.

“No areas of coastal British Columiba remain at risk from this event,” read a final bulletin.

This morning things were normal in Terrace with crews working on paving portions of the parking lot at the Skeena Mall.

“It certainly is a topic of conversation,” said one shopper in Save On Foods in Terrace.