New Aiyansh sends message to bootleggers, dealers

New Aiyansh Village Government and police to deal with problem properties

  • Jul. 16, 2012 7:00 p.m.

THE NEW Aiyansh Village Government is planning a strategic approach to deal with bootleggers and drug dealers in the community, announced Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP this afternoon.

Village government officials and Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP will be delivering “Problem Property Notices” this Thursday night, July 19, as spearheaded by the New Aiyansh Village Government.

They will be visiting the homes of known bootleggers and drug dealers in the spirit of healing and communication to deal with this long standing issue in the village, said Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP officer in command Sgt. Donovan Tait.

“I understand that all council will be on hand when we visit these problem residences and may also include the youth council and the Council of Elders,” said Tait.

“The [New Aiyansh Village Government] is currently tweaking the letter – revising it from the ones we did in Gingolx – and making plans [for] the afternoon.”

The order to deliver the notices was passed in council chambers this morning, July 16, and the letters will  bear all councillors’ signatures, added Tait.

“We will give this effort our 100 per cent support,” he said.