More work planned for 4700 Block of Lazelle Ave.

Sidewalk, pavers add-on to cost $125,000

Uplands Nursery was awarded the contract May 2 for the completion of sidewalk and other improvements on Lazelle Ave. in the downtown core. (Uplands Nursery/Facebook)

The City of Terrace has added $125,000 to a contract to fully complete sidewalk and other improvements planned for the 4700 Block of Lazelle Ave.

It means there will be a new concrete sidewalk and new pavers along the frontage of McDonald’s and the KFC property.

Uplands Nursery will do the work as an add on to it succcesful bid of $280,000 for the remainder of the 4700 Block of Lazelle Ave. which will generally see pavers replace grass strips and the addition of bike racks and garbage cans.

“Staff have considered leaving this section of approximately 185 metres in its current grassed condition,” explained a memo to council seeking approval for the additional expenditure alongside the McDonald’s and KFC properties.

“Replacing the concrete sidewalk is not an insignificant cost but is the ony solution to allow completion of the brick pavers for the full length of Lazelle Ave. and planting of additional trees.”

The resulting work will eliminate a current significant grade change from the Lazelle Ave. roadway across the existing grass strip to the sidewalk, the memo indicated.

Re-doing the 4700 Block of Lazelle Ave. is the second part of a two-part project that began last year on the 4600 Block of Lazelle. That contract also went to Uplands Nursery.

The additional $125,000 comes from a major provincial grant the city received in 2019 and 2020 for capital projects.